Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Pretzels here!

When the kids get home from school, immediately there is "I'm hungry!"
Today I saw this recipe for Hot Buttered pretzels.
Recently, I purchased those frozen pretzels that you warm in the microwave and the kids loved them. I only bought them because they were on sale, plus I had a good coupon so I paid somewhere around 50 cents for the package.
Right now I have homemade pretzels in the oven, I hope they taste as good as they smell! I wil post a pic if I have a chance before they are eaten!

The Plan

Today's plan was to head to target to pick up some necessities, but I've decided that it can wait. I know that I have some paper towels stashed somewhere, and if not, I have plenty of tea towels around.
After 3 days of Halloween festivities plus the mad dash to school on this Monday morning with backpacks, lunches and a saint costume, I don't feel like leaving the house. Thankfully, it's easy to look like a saint if you drape a couple sheets over the school uniform. I have no idea how we arrived to school on time.
Dinner tonight will consist of something made with leftover chicken. I'm thinking chopped chicken with avocado sandwiches. Basically I chop up cooked chicken, and mix it with a little mayo, shredded carrot, chopped celery, mashed avocado, seasoning, and have it on toast. Something all 3 kids eat and something fast since we have swim practice tonight.
The leftover chicken was from Balsamic Onion Chicken that I made yesterday for a good dinner prior to trick-or-treating and overloading on candy.
Meal planning for the week, Wed-Tue, begins tomorrow. I base my meal plan on the sales at local grocery stores and since the flyers come out on Tuesday, meal plans begin on Wednesday.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stretch or Break

Hello everyone (or probably just hello to the voices in my head since I don't have anyone reading this blog that I am beginning today).
This blog will be an ongoing adventure into what I am doing to stretch my family's finances. I am a mother of 3 young children, with a wonderful husband and 3 dogs. I work from home but lately, my hours have dwindled, so therefore my paychecks have as well.
My plan is to keep my family within a smaller budget while paying off any debt that we have.
We live in Los Angeles. I love LA, but the cost of living here is ridiculous.
If you are reading, welcome!